Types of System Software

This article attempts to explain the various types of system software and their functions. Read the article to get your concepts cleared about this subject.
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A system software is the backbone of a computer. On one hand, it regulates the operation of the computer hardware to perform the necessary user-oriented functions, and on the other, it also provides the basic framework to enable smooth running of the various application software. To put it simply, it is the basic platform upon which the computer runs its hardware and enables the user to derive full computing functionality of the various application software and get his work done. Now, speaking of the types of system software, there are four basic categories under which the classification can be done. These are:-
The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) or boot loader, which defines the firmware interface and loads the OS;
The device firmware that controls the operation and performance of the computer hardware;
The operating system (OS) which allows the user to interact with the hardware and get the desired outcome by carrying data between RAM and storage disks, displaying the desired result on the output device (monitor/LCD) and by acting as the platform to allow various other system and application software to run on the computing device;
Various utility software that regulate the computer functionality by analyzing its performance, configuring and optimizing its processes and thereby, carrying out system maintenance functions.
Different Types of System Software Programs

A system software is a collection of software programs that enable the user to interact with the computing device without getting lost among the complexities of technical interactions between mechanical parts and machine-oriented codified programs. These programs are the building blocks that construct the entire system software architecture including the parts that regulate input/output functions, those that provide application software platforms and the various different types of operating system software component programs.

Boot Firmware: Also known as boot loaders, these programs are the first ones to run when a PC is started. A boot loader loads and runs the main operating system on the computer when it starts. This component is also known as BIOS on IBM compatible computing devices.

Database Management Systems: This is a set of programs that manage and regulate the user database right from creation to maintenance and extending to the use of such database. The DBMS is responsible for allowing different user applications to access a single database at the same time. This set of programs is what lies at the base of all computer network models that enable users to retrieve data from an integrated collection in a structured manner and does away with the user having to write complex programs in machine language to extract information from the data pool.

Output Interface: This program determines whether the desktop environment will be in the form of a character user interface (CUI as seen on DOS and older OS versions) or if it will be in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI as seen from latest OS, a norm made common by Windows). Also, besides determining the desktop environment, these programs also provide various options that allow the user to access other features of the OS from the desktop.

Virtual Machine Monitors: Also known as hypervisors, these programs allow multiple operating systems to run on a single host computer system simultaneously. These other computer systems that access the host are known as guests and the host is able to allow multiple operating systems to run simultaneously under the hardware virtualization process.

Link Editors: Commonly known as linkers, link editors collect multiple object files that the compiler programs, generate, and put them together as an executable program, which is capable of performing desired tasks as instructed by codified instructions.

Loaders: A loader is an inbuilt component of the operating system that loads programs onto the computer memory and makes them ready for execution. This process involves loading the program text from the executable file onto the computer memory and preparing the executable file to run. This is one of the various initial stages involved in running any program on the operating system.

Shell: Shells are programs that make the interaction between the kernel of the OS and the user possible. It is the outer layer of a computing interface that makes information interchange between the OS and the user possible.

Utility Software: These programs offer the various maintenance and performance evaluation utility tools to configure and optimize the various processes that influence the performance of your computer. Disk cleaners, anti-virus software, data compression programs, disk drive partition utilities, storage, backup and archiving programs, etc., are some of the common examples of utility software.

I am sure this brief discussion has helped clarify a few things regarding the basic software/program architecture of a standard computing system. System software consists of those basic sets of programs that are essential for a computing device to run the most elementary function – establish interaction between the user and the device so as to make exchange of instructions and outputs possible. Also, various such components also make sure that the computer system is kept under such a condition that this elementary function can be carried out without any sort of disruption.

PDF Publishing Software

downloadWhat I did not know is that the Writer (word processing) program creates PDF files too.

I have uninstalled MS Word because OpenOffice opens all my old Word Documents and I like OpenOffice better than MS Word.

How To Create a PDF File for Free

After OpenOffice is installed, open any Word document or create a new document with the OpenOffice Word processor.

Now simply click the PDf creator button located on the Function Bar.

Another way to do this is to select Export As pdf from the File Menu.

That’s all there is to it.

Generate PDF for Free or pay $95

The created PDF document is a regular PDF file except it has no bells and whistles. This is a bare bones PDF Creator.

For example, hyperlinks do not work within the PDF file and I have not figured out how to create the handy navigation menu. For this you will need to buy the full version PDF Writer from Adobe.

But what the hell, I have seen DOC to PDF converters selling for as much as $95 and they too have the same limitations as OpenOffice.


Top Photo Slideshow Software

Photo slideshow software transform photos into amazing movies. So, if you were on the lookout for some good slideshow making software, then your search will end here. We, at Buzzle, have listed out the top 5 photo slideshow software.
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“A photograph is usually looked at―seldom looked into.”
― Ansel Adams
Photos speak more than words. But, what about professional slideshows and movies? They convey more than what still images can. Making professional-looking video clips is not an easy task, but you can create a great photo slideshow if you have some good quality images.

Slideshows are basically similar to slow motion videos, but can convey more emotions than videos. Check out our list of some of the best photo slideshow software available, and breathe new life into your old and memorable photos.

Photodex ProShow
Photodex is a known name in the field of digital imaging. Their ProShow line consists of three paid software products―ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer, and ProShow Web. ProShow Web lets you create slideshows out of your photos, videos, and music, online. You can then share these slideshows on your social networks. ProShow Gold lets you do much more than the Web version of Proshow. It not only lets you create basic photo slideshows, but also spice them up with transition effects. It can also write the slideshows to optical discs and convert them to various popular video formats. ProShow Producer is a professional photo slideshow software that supports all the features of the Gold version, plus a few more functionalities like keyframing, masking, etc.

MAGIX Photostory
Photostory, as the name suggests, allows the user to create a story out of the photos by transforming them into a movie. Its includes a wide variety of features ranging from making slideshows for TV, PC, and Blu-Ray, HDR effects, support for 3D and up to 4K resolution to automatic image optimization, and graphic designing. It has everything that you will ever need in a photo slideshow software.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe
This software too lets you create awesome-looking slideshows out of photos, music, and video clips, and then burn them to a DVD, and other portable storage media. Slideshow Builder Deluxe is very easy to use and automatically applies 100 random transition effects to the added photos. The user can then change/edit these effects as per his/her liking, or leave them as they are. You can add several audio tracks in the background, and even add a voice over to the slideshow. Slideshow Builder Deluxe also comes with some basic photo-editing capabilities like cropping, red-eye removal, adding captions, etc.

Cyberlink MediaShow
Just like other photo slideshow software, MediaShow lets you create great-looking movies and slideshows from your photos. Other features include Instant View, photo tagging using FaceMe, photo editing, social network uploading, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint is very easy to use and offers good amount of features for office and college presentations, and photo slideshows. So, if you are not interested in fancy animation and want to create a professional-looking slideshow, then PowerPoint won’t disappoint you.

7 Tips to Speed Up Windows

imagesThe slow process of your system always leads to frustration and time waste. Especially when you are using Windows XP or older, problems are bound to arise. Nevertheless, you can do several things to improve the system’s performance and speed. It is certainly quite a task to find out reasons for pc slowdowns from the myriad list of computer related problems. To deal with the situation you could use disk optimization tools such as duplicate photo finder apps, to free up storage space on your computer. Let us discuss some common reasons for system slowdown and their solutions.

1. Use optimization programs: Use optimization software to boost up your system speed manifold. There are several free and paid versions of such software and programs to help improve the performance of your system.

2. Slow startup: The major cause of slow startup are unnecessary files and programs being launched during the startup process. Though this problem can be dealt with easily by simply disabling such programs from running during the boot-up to speed things up. Disabling such programs will prevent them from running at startup process, which decreases your system startup time to a significant amount. One can always run such programs later, once the system is ready for use. Alternatively, the users can add them back to startup programs by re-enabling them from the Task manager.

3. Defragment the hard drive: It is always a good idea to defrag your hard drive on regular intervals as it allows system functions to work more precisely and actively. When you use your system for a continued period of time the disk space gets fragmented and it becomes more complicated for the RAM to analyze data efficiently. Thus accessing certain files can become unusually slow, often resulting in lags and system crashes. Windows XP comes with its free version of defragmentation tool to use. Always analyze the system to know whether your drive needs to be defragmented or not, before proceeding with defragmentation. If the percentage of fragmentation is high on your, go for it without thinking twice. This tool can also be used to defragment multiple drives at the same time, making it a highly essential tool for XP users.

4. Delete junk system files: Your junk files include leftover files from downloaded programs, temporary Internet files, offline Webpages, Setup Log files, recycles bin files and uninstalled programs, other temporary files and Thumbnails. It is always better to remove all such junk files from your system to give more space for your RAM to function properly. XP users can simply use the in-built speed up windows tool to automatically to do this without any manual searching.

5. Remove unnecessary programs: Every system contains piles of unused files and programs in it, which can very well slow your system’s performance. Such programs and files include the ones that you might have used just once and any old and obsolete programs that have been replaced by better ones, but are still installed on your system. Removing such unrequired programs will not only free-up space on your system but can also improve the functioning of your system. Uninstalling unused programs will also reduce CPU usage by reducing the number of background functions that might be associated with such programs.

6. Be alert against malware on your system: Malware attacks not only cause you loss of data or risk your system to spying activities, but also affect your system to function badly. If your system is not protected by an antivirus program, it can pick up malware and other viruses from the Internet easily. Malware can slow your machine down to a crawl eventually leading to data corruption and frequent system crashes. There are lot of free and paid versions of antivirus software available online, which can assure system protection and provide a significant boost to your system speed. For best results, invest in a reliable anti-virus program for your system and carry out virus scans on regular intervals to prevent any such malicious programs from entering your computer.

7. Remove unwanted personal data & files: Personal files and data stored on your system might be important to you, but overtime such files can pile up on your hard drive and take up a lot of space on your system. Such files often comprise of old documents, old pictures and generic image files, obsolete program setup files and other junk. Situations take a turn for the worse, especially when copies of all such useless files end up in various other locations on your computer. You could try to clean up all this data manually, or to save time by using some amazing duplicate photo finder apps which help you find duplicate photos and various other files on your system and delete them without any hassle.

It is common for windows operating systems to become slow over a period of time and needs to be updated continually for a good performance. You could use different tools such as optimization software and apps, defragmentation tools to speed up Windows XP, 7, or other versions. Nevertheless, with the above tips you can also take those extra measures, to ensure that your system works perfectly without any lags and slowdowns.

software system Market

Marketing Automation computer code is presently experiencing strong growth with its widespread adoption amongst tiny, medium and huge organizations. whereas established suppliers still post strong growth, many new suppliers area unit getting into the market with improved functionalities.

According to Quadrant data Solutions study “Marketing Automation computer code (MAS) Market Outlook – Market Forecast, Trends, and Analysis Through 2020” the MAS market is anticipated to grow considerably within the next four to 5 years with a CAGR of forty six.8% by 2020.

The selling Automation market is anticipated to succeed in $11.39 billion by 2020. whereas the bulk of revenues still return from North America region, the opposite regions as well as Asia, Europe, and geographical region is anticipated to post vital growth from 2016-2020.

 Increased specialise in Mobile selling Automation (MMA)

The development of Mobile Apps has caught the imagination of promoting Automation vendors similarly. within the recent years a considerable movement has been ascertained with SMB’s eyeing mobile solutions and services because the crucial component for the business growth. firms like branded occasional chains, major retailers, and amusement channels area unit actively victimization MMA to dive deeper into client engagement. The MMA brings options like push notifications, SMS campaigns, customized app content, time period analysis and a lot of. The MMA vendors have extended solutions to supply to the market.

Omni-Channel Presence & Native Integration is that the Lastest Trend

The selling automation computer code has been enraptured from providing simply net and email functionalities to increased functionalities as per international mega trends. Advancement in selling automation computer code has resulted in tighter integration with numerous automation platforms as well as mobile devices, social media, show advertising and such others.

According to Quadrant data Solutions, the Omni-channel integration is anticipated to be the most important trend amongst MAS suppliers in 2016 and on the far side. This trend is supply a lot of & a lot of vendors to usher in the most effective of cross-platform integration potentialities.

 CRM Integration Improves the worth of MAS Investment

The CRM integration of MAS is critical to require the MAS investment to ensuing level. The MAS automates and centralizes the selling info (emails, landing page’s inputs, etc.). MAS integration with CRM system permits seamless lead data transfer between selling and sales. It ensures the seller sends the proper message at the proper time. The tighter the CRM integration the higher is alignment between selling and sales up the effectiveness of campaigns with stronger returns on revenue and investment on MAS. the appliance Program Interface (API) is offered among the bulk of MAS & CRM facilitating integration with external access to their databases. The saving of your time by causing solely sales-ready leads list is creating the trend of CRM integrated MAS platform company’s a preferred alternative.

MAS Suppliers to feature prophetic  Analytics practicality

The MAS’s lead management capability being the motive force of its quality, the larger players within the automation market area have taken the challenge of providing prophetic  analysis capability to MAS customers. The prophetic  analytics produce a stratified  impact on selling automation, facultative organizations to filter the large input of prospects to those World Health Organization can reach the sales stage. The prophetic  analytic tools of MAS area unit optical device sharp & specialise in driving anonymous to the conversion of leads. The prophetic  tools facilitate

To interpret digital footprint of patrons leave as they are doing analysis on the online.  Optimize customer Personas by knowing a lot of details concerning the leads. The prophetic  analytic pattern of customer behavior may be uncovered.

EPS File Viewing Software

EPS is a graphical file format intended to protect vector images. If you are having trouble opening this type of file, this article provides you with a list of free EPS file viewing software. Take your pick…If you heard the saying ‘good things come in small packages’, then an EPS file accomplishes the same. Instead of displaying the design outright, it protects the file while being inserted into another document, hence its name ‘Encapsulated Postscript File’.

It is encoded using Postscript. This type of file is used in PDFs to protect the owner of its rights and prevent any infringement issues. An EPS file contains a combination of text, graphica, and images. That being said, EPS is a legacy format, and only used for vector files. So, if you experience trouble opening this particular file, here is a list of free EPS file viewing software.

EPS File Viewing Software


XnViewMP is the extended version of XnView, and supports up to 500 image formats, but can write 50 formats. It is compatible across all platforms, including Mac OS X and Linux. It charges only if it’s used commercially. It is really a good choice among the lot.

Website: XnViewMP


GIMP is an open-source raster editor that is used for retouching and editing photographs. It is available for free, and can open the EPS file format.

Website: GIMP


This software is named after its owner Irfan Skiljan, and works under all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 8. It is also compatible with Mac OS X and Linux, and can be run using an emulator like Wine. It can open up to 100 formats, and can most definitely open the EPS file for easy viewing.

Website: IrfanView


Inkscape is a vector-based desktop publishing software that are used to manipulate images. Although its primary format is the Scalable Vector Graphics format, it supports other formats too. It is available for free and across all major platforms.

Website: Inkscape

EPS Viewer

As the name suggests, it’s made for opening the EPS file format. This can also be used to convert files into more popular forms, such as JPG.

Website: EPS Viewer


Scribus is another desktop publishing software that lets you view many image formats as well as the EPS file. It also has a portable version used for viewing the EPS file on cell phones. It has its own built-in scripting engine based on Python, and is available for free.

Website: Scribus


This is a software created to interpret the Adobe software suite and its associated files. Since Adobe was responsible for the EPS file, it can still open this legacy format. And most importantly, this software works on all platforms, including Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Atari TOS, and AmigaOS.

Website: GSview


Another image-editing software that was intended to be a substitute for Microsoft Paint, it ended up being an open-source software, compared to the likes of Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. It’s a lightweight program that supports a number of image formats, and can be used for viewing EPS files too.

Website: Paint.NET

This is a list of free software that can be used to view EPS files. Since EPS is a legacy format, many attempt to use newer software like PDF without knowing any information about the EPS file format. Try any of these and you won’t have to look any further.